Payment Terms

Langtrees.com Payment Terms

These payment terms provide a framework for advertisers and users to understand how payments are processed on Langtrees.com, including the integration of the eWAY payment system for secure transactions. It's important for Langtrees.com to ensure that its payment terms comply with relevant laws and regulations, as well as to communicate any additional terms or conditions specific to its website.  At Langtrees.com, transparency and clarity in our business practices are paramount, and we are committed to ensuring that our customers are well-informed about any changes pertaining to our methods of payment, pricing or billing. Any changes will be clearly outlined on our website for your convenience.


1.     Advertiser Payments:

a)     Advertisers on Langtrees.com are required to pay for the services they utilise as per the agreed terms outlined on their website.

b)     Payment methods accepted for advertiser services include credit card payments processed through the secured eWAY payment gateway 
        and electronic funds transfer (EFT) into our nominated bank account as well as other methods as agreed upon with Langtrees.com.

c)      Payment processing fees may apply and will be disclosed to advertisers prior to completing the transaction.

d)     In the event of a failed payment or insufficient funds, Langtrees.com reserves the right to suspend or terminate advertising services until 
        payment is successfully processed.


2.     User Payments:

a)     Users of Langtrees.com may be required to make payments for premium services, such as accessing gold boost and/or featured positions, 
        as per the terms specified on the platform.

b)     Payment for user services can be made securely by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or using the eWAY payment system which accepts major 
        credit cards and provides a safe and encrypted payment environment.

c)     By making a payment through the eWAY payment gateway, users authorise Langtrees.com to charge their designated payment method for 
        the selected services.

d)     Users agree to abide by the pricing and billing terms specified by Langtrees.com for the services they wish to access.

e)     Refunds for user payments may be issued at the absolute discretion of Langtrees.com management in accordance with our refund policy, 
        which will be communicated to users as and when required.


3.     eWAY Payment System:

a)     Langtrees.com utilises the eWAY payment gateway to securely process online payments for both advertisers and users within an 
        encrypted environment.

b)     The eWAY payment system employs industry-standard security measures to protect sensitive payment information and ensure transactions 
        are conducted safely.

c)     By using the eWAY payment system, advertisers and users benefit from a streamlined and convenient payment process, with the assurance 
        of secure payment processing.


4.     Disclaimer

a)     Langtrees.com uses the eWAY Payment Gateway for its online credit card transactions, providing a safe and secure means of collecting 
        online payments.

b)     All online credit card transactions performed on this site using the eWAY gateway are secured payments. Features of the 
        eWAY Payment Gateway include:
        i.      payments are fully automated, with an immediate response
        ii.      your complete credit card number cannot be viewed by Langtrees.com or any outside party
        iii.     all transaction data is encrypted for storage within eWAY’s bank-grade data centre, further protecting your credit card data
        iv.     eWAY is an authorised third-party processor for all the major Australian banks
        v.      eWAY at no time touches your funds; all monies are directly transferred from your credit card to the merchant account 
                 held by Langtrees.com.
        vi.      for more information about eWAY and online credit card payments, please visit www.eWAY.com.au.


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