8 Wonders a Woman’s Mouth Can Do

Well we are not talking about the happy ending, you already knew that this can wet a man. We understand and appreciate that you know how to make a man feel good in the bedroom. There's always more that you can do without having to say anything. Offer the best you can without recreating a full-on fifty shades of grey atmosphere. You already have it, just didn't know it. Well, yes explore your mouth to offer your partner the best experience ever. Perth Escorts and Adult Services often offer you the best when it comes to choosing the lady trained in helping you reach that ecstatic level.

According to Shelly Hess, the author of Pucker Power - Great kissers make great Lovers, a woman's mouth can deliver and export a man to a world of an incredible range of sensations. A minimum touch as naughty nibble or even a barely-there touch of the plump lips can leave him tantalised and stuck for a while before he is all ready to plunge into action in bed.

Give your guy an insane time in bed with the best foreplay and moves as listed below:


Ears - the way to his heart

This area is often not highlighted much and hence not given the attention it deserves. Here is what you need to do, bring your sexy lips close to his ears just whisper a slight something then take the ear lobe between your lips to give the nerves a push with the tug. These nerve endings in the lobe are almost not taunted most of the time hence try this and share your thoughts or experience after witnessing the goosebumps he has.

ear biting

Fingers can do wonders too

If you were under the impression that kissing hands are only a 1940s men's job while courting a woman, you are wrong. Trying to place the tip of your tongue in the webbed area and gently keep moving upwards is sure to excite him beyond your imagination. The goosebumps appearing after this is a proof that just like the nerves of the ears this area gets little attention.

Wonder what kissing the roof of his mouth is like?

Well, yes! this might sound weird and you might be under the impression that you have explored most of his mouth with yours, but then this needs your attention too. Try kissing the roof of his mouth yours the next time you are making love. While you lock your lips into his and flick your tongue along the arc you are tickling the most sensitive part of his body thus throwing him into fits of laughter maybe!

Cuddle - Tease - Cuddle

Needless to describe what a cuddle can do to him, let's focus on teasing him. While you are cuddling try to graze your lips gently on his forehead. Gradually loop in his temple and then move down to his mouth. While trying this make sure your lips are dry unlike other kisses, this is because the face of a full-grown adult man has nearly invisible fuzz known as vellus hairs. 

couple cuddling

Move down his neck now

you can try and hug him from the back and move his face to one side thus releasing one of his tendons. Now start kissing him and make a mark that shows the i-want-you-now feeling. The extra sensitive tendon running from the ear to his shoulder can be best utilized this way.

It is now time to gently switch between small nibbles and gentle kisses leaving him to think about what's coming next.

kissing neck

Try to locate a new sensitive spot

The underside of your tongue is a magic wand that you can rotate and get the most out of it. Try reaching to his other sensitive areas like nipples. This is one erogenous zone in men that often gets ignored. Men might seem embarrassed to say it but they love when you play with their nipples. Start with a gentle side to side motion of you lip and then as you see and feel him getting aroused increase the speed by looping the movement of the upper side of your lips back and forth.


Thighs need your attention too

Exploring a man's body is nothing less than a mystery box itself. You just need to find where and how the magic is working. Keep plating feather-like kisses and work your way up to the thigh. Here you have to exert the pressure needed with your lips through the skin. You can then slowly rise and reach the stomach. Keep the genitals away as of now and at the same time let him wonder what is happening. Watch hm slowly get to that ecstatic level.


Start playing with the temperature

All you need for this is either a cup of coffee or an iced drink. Take a sip of the liquid and try doing everything above with your hot/cold lips. Plant little kisses inside his arms, and inner wrist.

Ice Lips

Apart from the ones discussed here, you can try vibrating your lips, pay attention to kisses placed on his knees, suck the bottom of his lips tickle his torso and most importantly start talking, sharing what he likes or what you like. If you are a woman reading this share your thoughts with us, if you are a man reading this, now that you know the tricks book Langtrees VIP High-Class Escorts to experience the same. They are trained to please you. 


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