Tips for great shower sex

Shower sex looks really easy in movies: clothes off, water on, and a lot of steamy action. But here’s the facts: it can be very slippery, and it’s not that comfortable to be pushed up against cold bathroom tiles. That being said, shower sex is amazing foreplay and a good way to get clean and kinky. Try this on your next date or booking a private escort!

Think outside of the shower stall
You’ve had your fun and are ready to go from wet to wild. Dry off, but don’t head to the bedroom just yet — bathroom counters are just the right height for, well, interesting things.

First of all: Safety first
Neither of you wants to end up in the emergency room, because Naughty Nurses is only fun when it’s a fantasy, plus this is not exactly the kind of story you want to end up telling the medical team. Non-slip mats are great!

Positions to try in the shower
Choose a sex position where you can both brace for support: rear entry, or up against the side of the tub or bath. Face-to-face is great, with legs wrapped around you (we’re sure you won’t mind), but grip the shower walls when you thrust so you don’t end up sliding and breaking your neck. But in small showers and bathtubs, you can manoeuvre so you prop your leg on something to stay stable and then go for a standing missionary. When all else fails, go doggy style — you can use the shower wall or side of the tub.

Push your boundaries
Shower sex can let you explore fetishes or fantasies you’re curious about but sound… messy. This can include anal sex or anal stimulation, or creative and erotic use of food. (How would you like some chocolate on your banana?)

What next?

You can dry off and get dirty in the sheets, or prolong the pampering and pleasure with an erotic massage (like Nuru) or a body slide. Massage oils actually feel better on damp skin.

23/12/2022 2:11pm
Sex Education
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