Sex marathons last longer in bed!

We know how you feel, standing in the room with this sexy private escort. Just seeing her, or thinking about what lies ahead, drives you wild. But if you’re looking for a sex marathon and not a short-lived sprint, then you need to prepare for the night and pace yourself. Here are some ways that you can last longer in bed.

Sleep well the night before

Unless you plan to just lie there like a starfish (please don’t), you’ll need energy and stamina. A clock in a good night’s rest, because you’re not going to do much sleeping the next time you hop into a bed.

Limit the alcohol

A glass of wine can set the mood, and although a drink can give you Irish courage, remember that alcohol can make you sleepy and sluggish, and can affect your ability to get and sustain an erection. Besides, you don’t want anything interfering with your fine motor skills (work those fingers, mate!) or respond to your private escort’s body language and naughty desires.

If you’re going out for drinks with your private escort, drink slowly and on a full stomach, and just focus on her. Flirt and get to know this lovely lady. If you’re nervous, say so — she’ll probably find better ways of helping you relax.

Shift gears

When you feel that you’re getting too excited, then slow down and just make it all about her. You’ll buy time to catch your breath and regain self-control and savour the opportunity to discover your private escort’s beautiful, perfect body. Pay attention to often-ignored erogenous zones like around the nipples, the nape, the small of her back…. Prolong the pleasure!

Work the positions

When things get heated up, shift to a sex position that’s less stimulating but more intimate (here are some of the fun sex positions that can help). But, when you need your soldier to stand to attention and fire, shift to missionary: the gravity draws blood down to the penis.

23/12/2022 2:13pm
Sex Education
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