5 Fun sex positions to try

Gentlemen, there is a world beyond missionary style! Different sex positions give different sensations and can either intensify your pleasure or help you pace yourself for an all-night sex marathon. Some can also free your hands or let you enjoy a different…view. Try one of these during your next date with our Australian escorts.

A different kind of lap dance

Ask your escort to sit on your lap, facing you. Pull your legs up, knees bent so you can control your thrust. Take it sweet and slow, or pull her towards you for a deeper push-and-grind. She can synch her moves so you meet mid-thrust. Your hands are free to run all over her body. This is a fantastic position to kick off a make-out session, or slow things down when you’re tired or too excited.

Intensify the blow

You can control the depth and pace of your BJ with this sex position. With your escort lying on the bed, straddling her shoulders, brace yourself against the wall, and go for it. This is a fantastic move if you’ve booked a private lady whose escort services include deep throat, COF or CIM.

Hit both happy buttons

Master this move and you are on your way to being a sex Jedi, young padawan. Sit on the edge of the bed, while she sits on your lap. The G-spot is about 3 inches into the vagina, so take more shallow upward thrusts, moving in a way that you also rub against the clit.

Get a view of the action

Ask your lady to lie down, hips hanging a bit over the side of the bed. Stand, then anchor her legs on your shoulders. You now have the perfect angle for deep penetration, and you can control your thrusts to hit the G-spot too. Best of all, you can actually watch yourself enter her. (Whooohooo, hot sex just got hotter!)

Hot doggity

The doggy style is fun for you and her. You can control your thrusts, and she can squeeze her legs (shortening her vaginal canal) and grip for a tighter, more pleasurable fit. This is a great position for any size and can make even smaller guys feel a lot bigger. Definitely one to try during your next Australian escort rendezvous!

23/12/2022 2:15pm
Sex Education
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