Prepare for Your First Time at a Brothel or Escort Agency

How to Prepare for Your First Time at a Brothel or Escort Agency 

Doing anything for the first time can seem daunting. When it comes to your first time with an escort, you may feel nervous or unsure, and that’s ok. Langtrees has put together this guide so that you know how to prepare to attend the brothel and what to expect.  This has been designed as an easy guide so that you can fully enjoy your time with the gorgeous ladies on offer. 

How to Prepare for Meeting High Class Escorts Perth

You wouldn’t meet up with anyone straight from the gym without showering. This is especially true when you’re hiring someone with whom you want to explore all kinds of sexy fun.  We find it best to think about meeting one of our escorts the way you would think about meeting someone for a date: you’re about to meet up with a gorgeous woman who will be giving you her undivided attention for every moment of your time together.
Clean & Smartly Dressed

We ask that you’ve bathed or showered in the hour or so prior to your appointment and that your clothes are clean and odour-free.  Take your time in the shower or bath.  Pay special attention to any places you’d like your escort to pay special attention to later on. Brush your teeth carefully, floss, and rinse with mouthwash. Make sure your nails are neatly trimmed with no jagged edges and, please, don’t go overboard with your perfume or aftershave!  However nervous you may be, don’t go too far with alcohol or drugs to calm yourself down, this could end up being a complete disaster and we wouldn't want that!  Dress as you would for a date. As long as they’re clean and odour-free, jeans and a smart shirt or T-shirt are fine. We also encourage you to think about how much fun it is to be undressed, when you’re wearing something like a suit and tie…there are items of clothing that can be used to have more fun with when undressing for sure.

What to Expect from Your Chosen Escort

When you decide to hire one of our escorts, she can meet you at your hotel or a private dwelling, such as your house.  Alternatively, you can visit her at her apartment or place of work. Your escort will introduce herself and this is where you will explain what you’re looking for.  Remember that this meeting is all about you and your desires, so put any shyness aside and be honest with yourself and your escort. The more your escort knows about what you enjoy, the better. This is also when you will pay for all the fun extra services you’ve requested.   What happens next is between you and your escort. 

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16/10/2022 10:45am
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